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You feel you started changing after a major occurrence, you see life differently.

You might feel alone, lost, detached, not accepted, not enough…

You are probably on the path of spiritual awakening.

Maybe you don't know where to start, you go around in circles, find contradictions and are losing patience.

Be reassured: billions of people went through the same, and some of us dived into ancient and new knowledge, it became a passion, a life, an art, a profession. 

Surround yourself with such people. 

Caring people who will guide you towards self-love, acceptance, and connection.

In Centro Semilla, we brought together the best teachers, guides, mentors. 

They are proposing a full course to give you a jump start into your new life.

Dates: Every Saturday morning.

Opening Ceremony on February 29th. Closing ceremony end of July.

Contact us ASAP for more details and reserve your spot. info@centrosemilla.es