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Yin Yoga and Meditation

Friday, 21 February 2020


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Once again, @luisejorgensen_mindfulness and I are hosting a TWO HOUR YIN AND MEDITATION event on Friday February 21st 17.30 - 19.30

More and more in our modern life we are busy, frantic, with the ever-ending to do lists, not finding or prioritising the SPACE or the TIME to slow down and check in with ourselves. When we act on auto-pilot in this way, we loose the connection to our inner needs, simply acting on how we know, or think we should.

This speed through life, means we can burn out, or find ourselves in a muddle about choices / decisions .. because our inner being knows what it wants, but the mind can be acting so automatically the two are not connected.

When our soul’s purpose is not met, we can be left feeling lost, confused. So here we create a soft space for you to tune into yourself for a better connection, to ensure you are moving through life as you truly want to. Lets move from auto-pilot behaviours, to more genuine ones.

We will begin with a meditation to help us settle into the body, to see the mind for what it is; a constant stream of thoughts and information.

Yin Yoga asks us to hold stillness in the body, with whatever arises we face without judgment. We respond softly and gently to our bodies' needs, listening to what we are really feeling. Acting with compassion, not forcing, but accepting.

When we make time for pausing, being with the breath, creating inner space, we can connect deeper with our own inner needs and desires.


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