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Our main therapist : energetic harmonization

Thai Yoga Massage

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Marxe Merche Marra Valencia Centro Semilla Masaje Massage

Merxe Marra

Thai Yoga and Osteothai Massage Therapist Natural Acupuncture. I help you to restore energy imbalances. To improve your flexibility, circulation and give a boost to your immune system. Dealing with stress, insomnia or low moods.

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Tatiana Skubashevska

Neuroenergetic Kinesiologist
NK Institute
Member of Association NK Ukraine IKOS
EKRAL analysis specialist (emotion management)
Kinesiological corrections :
- diagnosing and defusing stress
- restoring balances
on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels
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The prettiest puppy in town.

Right paw and welcome committee at the Center's reception.